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When To Exchange Numbers With A Tinder Match


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Asking for someone’s number is one of the more difficult things about Tinder. Here are some tips to know when the time is right. They Ask A Lot Of Questions People usually send messages that demand a response when they are into you. If you and your match are seriously engaged in the conversation, then chances are you can safely ask for their number. You’re Afraid The Conversation Is Slowing Down Many people forget to check their Tinder messages which can cause conversations to slow down and begin to fizzle out. If you think this is happening with you and they seemed genuinely interested, try sending your number to help save it. Once a Tinder conversation dies, it’s hard to start one back up again. You’ve Already Planned A Date If you’ve already planned a date, then it's definitely time to offer your number to your match. This will also save you both if one of you is running a little late or you can't find each other at the meeting point.

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