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3 Ways To Improve Your Home Wi-Fi


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Good home Wi-Fi is important for everyone. Here are some easy fixes to improve your Wi-Fi that don't involve changing provider. 1. Replace Your Old Cable Modem You may have upgraded your plan with your internet provider but may have been left with the old cable modem. Old cable modems can often be a bottleneck preventing users from getting their true internet speed. 2. Move Your Router/Modem The location of your modem can also affect your Wi-Fi signal and in turn your internet speed. For the best coverage, it is recommended to locate your modem in a central location. If a central location isn't possible, locate it somewhere with minimal clutter around it. 3. Switch From Wi-Fi To A Wired Connection As great as Wi-Fi is, if getting work done quickly is important to you then there is nothing quicker than a wired connection. If your device doesn’t have an ethernet port you can buy adapters of various sizes and lengths online.

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