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duration: 17 Hour and 43 Minute

VISIONARY YOGA TV-Day 10 of The 30 Day Visionary Yoga Challenge: Quiet Enthusiasm


Video prices: IQD 240/day

In this relaxing yet energizing session, we’ll focus on opening the shoulders, releasing stress, and kindling the fire of Quiet Enthusiasm - your ability to channel your best energy into what matters most to you. You’ll learn a powerful breathing practice to open microchannels, boost your metabolism, and enhance your focus. This is a regenerative practice to reset your mental focus. Get ready to recharge your energy and open your body for a mini-retreat of renewal. Want to download to all 30 videos of the 30 Day Visionary Yoga Challenge? Go to: http://bit.ly/visionaryyoga30Got questions? Follow us & reach out to us @VisionaryYoga (www.Instragram.com/VisionaryYoga) on Instagram and www.Facebook.com/MarikoYoga.We're always happy to hear from you!Challenge Level: Beginner FriendlyFocus: Shoulder openers, Hip Openers, Slow Flow, Breath workConceived of and Performed by Mariko Hirakawa, B.A.M.S., E-RYT#visionaryyoga #30daychallenge #yogaof personal development #vinyasayogaflow #beginnersyoga #relax #marikohirakawa #shoulderopening #breathingpractice #renew #reset #yogaofrenewal

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