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duration: 1 Hour and 20 Minute

Culinary Journey: Creating an Avatar-Themed Dessert


Video prices: IQD 240/day

Dive into the world of culinary creativity as we craft a stunning Avatar-themed cake that transports you to the mystical world of Pandora. Starting with carefully pouring green and blue jello into glasses, we mix in boiling and cold water to achieve the perfect consistency. The jello is then layered into a large jar to create a mesmerizing aquatic effect. To construct our mountainous landscape, a cake is sculpted and coated with grey-toned buttercream for a realistic stone finish, complemented by strategic sponge dabbing for texture. Adding to the fantasy, chocolate branches are quickly frozen using ice, and fondant is dyed and pressed to fashion an intricate tree reminiscent of Pandora's iconic Ywa. This edible art piece is finalized by meticulously placing the tree and decorative shells onto the cake, which is then set into a fish tank filled with our marvelously marbled jello.

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