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duration: 17 Hour and 43 Minute

Dream Builds: Nicole Formosa's Ibis Ripley


Video prices: IQD 240/day

Peer into the workshop of Bike senior editor and former World Cup race mechanic, Ryan Palmer, as this year’s Bike Magazine Editors’ Choice Dream Builds come together. Take an artfully captured and detailed journey as collections of each editor’s favorite components take shape into their vision of the perfect bike. In this video, Palmer puts together editor-in-chief Nicole Formosa’s Ibis Ripley, a sleek bike built for fast, efficient laps, the only kind a new mom like Nicole is bound to sneak in during the first demanding months of parenthood. With design inspiration taken from the Chromag Juniper Goldhide saddle, this blinged-out Ripley is powered by the industry-leading Shimano 12-speed XTR drivetrain and rides on Kashima-coated Fox suspension. The Ripley’s golden accents continue through to the tan sidewall Schwalbe Hans Dampf tires, up to the Chromag Gold top cap and out to the DMR Gum grips. Despite an increasingly battery-powered world, the only bit requiring a charge on this build is the SRAM Reverb AXS dropper, whose instantaneous engagement is well worth the risk of Nicole’s scattered mind forgetting to keep it juiced. This Ripley absolutely rips, making even the quickest jaunts harken of responsibility-free rides with no time limit. Now if it could only change diapers. Stay tuned for more on this bike, have a look at all of this year’s Bike Magazine Dream Builds, and try not to drool on yourself.

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