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The Best Apps For Learning A New Language


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Being able to speak in multiple languages is a very beneficial skill and thankfully it's easier than ever now to learn a language. Here are four of the best language-learning apps on the market. Busuu has 13 languages and allows you to take a quiz to determine how advanced you are in your chosen language. They have a useful travel option and allow you to have your work corrected by native speakers as long as you return the favor. The app is free however there is a monthly subscription to unlock the other features. Duolingo offers over 30 languages and allows to learn multiple languages simultaneously for free. They have a subscription which gives you access to downloadable lessons. This app is perfect for gamers however users have said it lacks real-life conversational lessons. Memrise has over 20 languages and is perfect for visual and auditory learners. It includes videos of locals speaking the phrases and words you’re learning so it's great for pronunciation. Unfortunately, there's a monthly subscription to access all of the content. With over 30 languages Drops is good for those who want to concentrate on vocabulary or who don’t have much time. Unlike other apps, it limits you to 5 minutes of learning a day unless you pay the subscription.

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