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Why We Always Wave At The End Of Video Calls


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Have you found yourself automatically waving goodbye at the end of a virtual meeting or video call with friends? Do you feel stupid waving but just can’t help it? Well, experts have a few reasons as to why we do this. Normal social cues to end an interaction like closing a notebook, or getting ready to stand up are too subtle for video calls. While many people view clicking to end the call as too abrupt and rude which is why we wave first. Waving to end a call is simply a new social cue people are using to enhance virtual communication. When you see everyone waving, you know that everyone is prepared for this call to end and you're not going to be suddenly hanging up on somebody, Gretchen McCulloch, Internet Linguist. Experts say the feeling of completion is an important part of communication so waving is just a polite way to end a conversation. Waving is also one of the first things we learn to do as babies so everyone knows what it means. Our instinct is we need to close and complete that loop. In person, we can close it with our words, but that doesn't work in a large meeting on Zoom, Larry Rosen, Professor Emeritus of Psychology

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